Good Morning,


   Once again I am putting out a call for resumes. I have request in for

a "ton" of jobs across the nation with several companies (also some

government positions).        Specifically looking for a wide range of

computer folks (with and without clearances) in the following areas:


San Diego




Puget Sound


New Jersey



  If you know of folks getting out now, processing out over the next 6

months, tired of where they are at(haha - figure the odds) or looking to

move residence.... let me know. And as before, I don't get anything out

of this except the satisfaction of helping out my fellow Navy, Coast

Guard, Marine, Air Force, and Federal Computer and Cryptologist friends.

Plus it keeps the Navy Cryptologists Network alive and well.....


Thanks, Tom


PS....  When I say "ton" of jobs I mean in North Carolina Terms.... a

truck load... (well over 1000+.....) The time is right to get that dream

job and living area. Interviews are going on right now! And pass this

message along to others that might be interested.

Thanks again.